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Commando Challenge


The Commando Promise and a Challenge to Better Health

Try our tea for 2 weeks, and if you don't see results, get your money back.

Our Commando Promise is simple. Try our tea for 2 weeks, and if you don't see results, get your money back.

This promise underscores our dedication to supporting your journey towards improved well-being. With Commando Tea, you risk nothing and have everything to gain in health and vitality. 

But let’s talk about the Commando Challenge. Getting optimal results isn’t just about drinking tea—it's about embracing a lifestyle that catalyzes true change. At Commando Tea, we're not just selling a delicious selection of tea blends, we're also inviting you to join a movement, a Rescue Mission for your Health

The Commando Promise: Transform Your Health in Just 2 Weeks

At Commando Tea, we believe in the power of natural ingredients and a holistic approach to wellness. That's why we've created the Commando Promise—a commitment to help you kickstart your journey to better health. We're here to support you every sip of the way.

Get Optimal Results for your Goals with the Commando Challenge

Choosing Commando Tea means improving health, energy, and overall well-being. Our blend of natural, potent ingredients is the first step, but lasting health encompasses much more. Here's how we recommend you engage with the Commando Challenge for optimal health benefits:

  • Drink 2 Cups Daily: Consistency is key. Two cups of Commando Tea daily over two weeks to lay the foundation, allowing your body to absorb the benefits and manifest changes.

  • Stay Active: Physical activity is a cornerstone of health. Whether it's jogging, yoga, or a brisk walk, aim for at least 30 minutes a day. It's about getting your heart rate up and integrating movement into your daily routine.

  • Nourish with a Balanced Diet: More greens, please! Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet is crucial. A simple hack? Eat veggies and fruits at each meal to enhance nutrient absorption and reduce fat storage.

  • Reduce Processed Foods: If it's boxed, it's likely processed. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are energy drainers and hurdles on your weight loss journey. Enjoy treats in moderation, focusing instead on whole, nourishing foods.

  • Track Your Progress: Notice the changes in your energy levels and overall wellness.

After committing to these steps and integrating Commando Tea into your daily regimen, we're confident you'll witness tangible improvements in your energy and health within just two weeks!

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Should our tea not meet your expectations, or if you feel you haven't achieved the results you sought, simply reach out to us at Share your experience, and we'll fully refund you, no questions asked. This is our promise to you—a testament to our confidence in the power of our tea and the lifestyle changes we advocate.