Drink 2x’s a day for 2 weeks Love it or your $ Back Guarantee!

Take the Leap with The Commando Challenge

We're not just offering tea; we're providing a blueprint for a healthier, more vibrant life. The Commando Promise is your challenge, your journey, and your opportunity to transform. Ready to Begin?

Thank you for choosing Commando Tea (CT) and we welcome you to join us on the Rescue Mission for your Health.  Whether you’re looking to improve your health, maintain it, or just need an energy boost, the ingredients in Commando Tea can help.  Below is our recommendation to better health without the judgement.    Here is our 4-step process for optimum health results:

Drink 2 cups of CT Daily:  we highly recommend drinking 2 cups of our blends every day for 2 weeks.  This allows enough time for your body to absorb the nutrients and hopefully notice a difference.

Exercise / Movement:  no need to run a marathon but you must move and get your heart rate up.  Go jogging, work out, play a sport, or even just taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can have a huge impact.  Life is busy as it is but we all need to get more movement in order to see improvements in our health.  

A Balanced Diet:  I know it might be a bummer for some but you likely need more fruits and veggies in your diet.  Put it in a smoothie and treat it like fuel your body needs.  One tip we recommend is that before any meal, eat the veggies and fruit first. This helps your body process the main meal much faster which reduces fat absorption.  

Cut the Unhealthy Food:  It’s safe to say that if it comes in a box then that food was processed in a factory or lab, which is probably not the best for your health.  In addition, sugar and processed sweeteners zap your energy and make weight loss even harder.  We love ice cream and chips but try to keep it to a minimum and treat yourself to a serving once or twice a week.